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Zach Gowen: “Vince McMahon saved my life, and I’m totally grateful”

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Latest WWE News  – The former WWE superstar made statements about the CEO of WWE, his desire to work for IMPACT, and his impressions of All Elite Wrestling.

The wrestler Zach Gowen was interviewed for Chris Van Vliet’s YouTube channel. During the session, the former WWE and TNA wrestler talked about Vince McMahon, his career in wrestling, his desire to work for IMPACT, and his impressions of All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Below, your statements (transcript courtesy of WrestleZone):

About Vince McMahon

“I must tell the truth, and from my point of view I only have words of thanks to Vince, he fulfilled the dream of a boy who lost his leg 10 years ago because of cancer and was on the verge of death. with Hulk Hogan, and I inspired other people to move forward, he also gave me orthopedic legs to walk, and another 10 years later he saved my life from drugs, I am currently 36 years old, I am a father of two children and I can positively affect people with my work, whether in Yoga, Wrestling, or whatever I do. ”

About his career as a fighter

“I considered myself semi-retired from wrestling, seeing my career in hindsight, it could not have been better, I managed to fulfill all my goals as a fighter, and I got beyond what I had imagined, maybe there’s not much for me in front of the camera, but I consider myself a good element in backstage, I would like to get involved in the production and organization of events, I love working with young talent and I have done several seminars, but honestly, I have achieved more things so far than I would achieve in the ring. in the future”.

About IMPACT Wrestling

“I would like to work with IMPACT Wrestling in backstage, its base is in Canada, so I would not have to move, and I already have several friends there, I’ve seen their shows and it’s just hard for me to see them as a fan. What happens again and again When I see IMPACT, my mind automatically sets out to produce and direct, I would like to offer my knowledge and experience to improve its product a bit more. ”

About AEW

“AEW is going to be the new WCW, everything seems to indicate that independent companies have never been so strong in terms of attendance, sales, or public interest, and there are a lot more fans now than in the 90s. For AEW, where they can get a lot of support, these guys are incredibly talented and Tony Khan is a marketing genius who can provide a great corporate structure while letting his fighters do their best. and all the ingredients they are using to carry it out are top-notch. “


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