Update on the status of Mauro Ranallo

Image – WWE

The journalist Dave Meltzer says that the NXT commentator “is feeling better”

During the most recent episode of the Wrestling Observer Radio program, specialized journalist Dave Meltzer has offered a brief update about the situation of Mauro Ranallo. According to Meltzer, the NXT commentator “is better.”

While he did not say if Ranallo will be in the next episode of NXT, he said that WWE has been keeping in touch with the NXT commentator.

As it was reported a week ago, Corey Graves posted comments on Twitter criticizing the commentator’s narrative style during the NXT TakeOver: WarGames III broadcast. Ranallo, who suffers from bipolar disorder, was seriously affected by what happened, and was not able to be at the Survivor Series commentary table the following night.

Corey Graves apologized for what happened at the beginning of the last episode of the After The Bell podcast, although his tweets remain active. On the other hand, Ranallo was expected to be recovered to participate in the narration of the last episode of NXT, but finally had to be replaced by Tom Philips.

It should be remembered that Mauro Ranallo was part of the Showtime Boxing event that was held last Thursday night, although so far it has not reappeared in any WWE event.