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Thiago Silva responds to Messi: “During the remontada, the referee was ridiculous”

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 Latest Football News – Just after their coronation against Peru, Thiago Silva and Marquinhos, the two defenders of the PSG, wanted to respond to Lionel Messi who complained of arbitration at the tournament, even mentioning a possible “corruption” in southern instances -américaines. Statements that do not pass for the Brazilians of the PSG who spoke about the 2017 remount.

The crusade of Lionel Messi against the instances of the American football did not find that allies. Necessarily. While the five-time Golden Ball had not hesitated to speak of “corruption” after his severe expulsion against Chile in the small final, from the top of their coronation Sunday, some Brazilians have not hesitated to criticize the exit of the Pulga. Titus in the lead obviously.

But it’s a much more personal story than Thiago Silva and Marquinhos came to remind the mics. The night of March 2017 that will remain in the story. With this “remontada” occurred in the 8th finals of the Champions League that had leaked so much ink (6-1).

“It’s frustrating that a player of his quality says that”

“It’s hard to comment, because sometimes, after a defeat, we try to blame others,” said Thiago Silva, “he did not think badly, but he did it. 6-1, the referee had made a ridiculous performance but we did not say anything We must respect the story We have five stars (world champions, ed) and none have been stolen.

Same story with Marquinhos, saying that Messi does not really have anything to complain about level arbitration. “It’s frustrating that a player of his quality, a crack admired by everyone, says that,” he said. “The referees also gave a lot of things in his favor to FC Barcelona or with his selection and I have never spoken of arbitration corruption, he has lost and has to accept it, we have lost things as well. ” This Monday, the Brazilians are winners. Proof that history is not just an eternal beginning.


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