“There is no controversy, it is you who invent them”

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Latest Football News – Delighted to have scored again with Portugal that he contributed greatly to qualify for the Euro, Cristiano Ronaldo took the opportunity to take stock of his substitutions with Juventus in recent weeks. And extinguish the controversy.

Cristiano Ronaldo is out of his silence. To put the points on the i. After helping Portugal to qualify for the Euro by scoring its 99th goal in selection in Luxembourg (0-2), CR7 is back on his last weeks, during which he made talk about him for his mood swings more to substitutions with Juventus. “In the last three weeks, I played not being at 100%,” he said first as to justify his outings before the final whistle in Moscow and especially against AC Milan, when he left the field in the 55th under the pretext that he had “a little problem knee”.

If he wanted to provide some details on his physical condition, Ronaldo also slipped a confidence on his personality that does not really surprise. “I do not like to be replaced,” he confessed before moving in a spirit of appeasement: “I understand these replacements, as I was not 100%. and I tried to help Juventus. ” To definitively close the debate on possible tensions with Maurizio Sarri – his coach in Turin – the fivefold Ballon d’Or has stepped up to the cracks against the press: “There is no controversy, it is you who invent them From time to time, I can not do more on the field, but you have a controversy that did not exist.The club knew that I was not physically good, and the important thing is that we continue to win. “.

The controversy swelled in recent days when Italian media revealed that the Portuguese had dropped a few words in the direction of the sidelines by returning directly to the locker room with a dark look leaving the stadium a few minutes before the final whistle. “When it comes to sacrificing myself for my club and for the selection, I do it with pride because I know there were a lot of issues,” concluded CR7.