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The PSG has evacuated any suspense about the identity of the champion of France 2018-2019, the only question remains when the club of the capital will be titled.

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Football News – The least we can say is that PSG has not really left hanging suspense in Ligue 1 this year. With 17 points ahead of Lille, his dolphin, Paris has almost the title in his pocket before the arrival of spring. It remains to be seen when the club of the capital will put their hands on its second consecutive championship, the sixth in seven years. In an end of the season enamelled by the many postponements of matches, PSG can he hope to equal his record of precocity, established in 2015-2016 with a title won at the 30th day?

Paris has 68 points after 25 games played while the LOSC is 51 after 26 games. The club of the capital must play a game late for the 18th day, scheduled for March 12, in Dijon. But he may still have a “handicap”, since his meeting against Nantes (28th day), originally scheduled for the weekend of 9-10 March, has been postponed to a later date because of demonstrations related to the movement of vests yellow. It is likely to compete in April, because of the busy schedule of both teams, including Paris, still engaged in three competitions (L1, Coupe de France, C1).

The 2016 record matched?

So much for the context. If it is difficult to anticipate the scenario of the end of the championship, choose the two “extreme” hypotheses to try to anticipate the date of the Parisian coronation. First, if the PSG and Lille make a clear fault, the men of Thomas Tuchel could be crowned on the evening of the 32nd day, in case of victory against … Lille on April 13th. The Parisians would take 20 points in advance, with 18 points still in play. In the unlikely event that PSG play his game against Nantes before the match, Paris could even be content with a draw.

On the contrary, if Lille and the other pursuers (Lyon, and to a lesser extent Saint-Etienne, already too far) stalled completely, the club of the capital could equal one of his records. PSG could indeed be crowned against Toulouse on March 31, the evening of the 30th day, in case of victory. The club capital would be 26 points ahead of the LOSC, with 24 units still in play. The coronation could even intervene even earlier, provided to face Nantes before that date. This seems highly unlikely, because of the international truce, spreading from March 18 to 26.

Thus, it will be difficult for PSG to equal its 2016 record. Paris, then led by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, had won the title after a memorable victory in Troyes (0-9). This coronation remains, to date, the earliest in the history of the championship of France. Paris can still do better than last year, where he was crowned at the 33rd day after another fireworks against Monaco (7-1). As long as they stay on the same rhythm, without being obsessed with the club’s “real” goal: the upcoming UEFA Champions League round of 16 comeback on March 6th against Manchester United.

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