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The French team put the ingredients to raise their heads and get rid of Andorra (0-4) on Tuesday. A reassuring performance before a deserved vacation. But that does not have enough to make forget the non-match of the Blues in Turkey.

The game: Simplicity, rigor and efficiency at Le Bleus

A good match. With a very revamped team, the Blues were able to approach this meeting in the right way to make the game easy. Concentrated and seductive, they played simple to detonate the opposing defense. On this synthetic grass of the stadium of Andorra la Vella, they put the foot on the ball from one end to the other of the match. And have tried to play on the ground to accelerate the game and bypass the Andorran block. Often using the full width of the field thanks to the work of Florian Thauvin or Kylian Mbappé but also by bringing variety. In the end, we went to a one-way match. As you would expect for revenge world champions. But still it was necessary to have the good state of mind. And they got it.

Players: Thauvin and Mbappé in blaster mode

It is not necessarily obvious to highlight a single individuality as the many were many to make a beautiful copy. Unsurprisingly faced with such an opponent. In the lot, however, we can highlight the benefit of Florian Thauvin. The Marseillais has been a decisive blaster on his right side. And he finished with a very nice goal and a decisive pass. His counterpart on the left, Kylian Mbappé, who played simple, was not left out. Down in the midfield, Paul Pogba has oriented the game beautifully. He is behind two goals.

The stat: 1

It was a night to unlock his counter. And they did not miss the opportunity. Florian Thauvin, Wissam Ben Yedder and Kurt Zouma took the opportunity to score their first goal in the blue jersey.

The question: Does this match forget the crash in Turkey?

We will be choosy. But of course not. And you must not do it anyway. This Tuesday, the France team had the right reaction. The one that we were entitled to expect from world champions, touched in their pride. In this atypical context of Andorra la Vella, the Blues have shown the necessary attitude. Faced with a weak team from Andorra, they made it easier for them not to doubt. We must congratulate them for this full copy before their departure on vacation at the end of this long post-World season. Didier Deschamps knew how to remobilize them. And they were able to conclude in the best way. But this month of June will remain well marked by this defeat in Turkey (2-0).

In Konya, the Blues knew they were playing the most complicated game of their group. In a difficult context. They failed. Have not shown anything. And have been unrecognizable. This sinking must remain in the tricolor spirits to avoid reliving that. It is also thanks to that that the Blues will continue to evolve in the good sense. And keeping in mind the lessons of this rout, more than this logical victory against a team of the level of adversity of Andorra.


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