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In a series of meetings, negotiations will be held on the fast-growing T-10 and T20 leagues around the world.

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In the series of meetings beginning on Tuesday from the International Cricket Council (ICC), negotiations will be held on tightening the fast-growing T-10 and T20 leagues around the world. Many ICC members have started their own T20 leagues in view of the success of the IPL. Afghanistan has decided to make its T20 league in UAE. After the increasing popularity of the T20 format, the ICC will now have to monitor the T-10 league, which was approved last year.

Discussion on T20 and T-10 cricket will be tightened

Prior to the meeting, Cricket General Manager of the ICC, Geoff Ellardis, admitted that increasing the number of such leagues is risky. He said, “We will talk about the rules and restrictions of tournaments and issues of leaving the players for the league in the meeting. Apart from this, the proprietary framework in the leagues will be and what will be the source of funding, such issues will also be discussed. Allardies said that the T20 leagues will be tough to get recognition from the ICC.

Indira Nooyi to attend ICC meeting for the first time

He said, ‘Our doors will not be open for everyone. It will be difficult to get recognized in the future and any tournaments will have to get recognition from both the domestic board and the ICC. The five-day meeting will also talk about the first World Test Championship to be held after the 2019 World Cup. As the first independent woman director of the ICC, PepsiCo’s former CEO Indira Nooyi will be attending the meeting for the first time. India is represented by acting Secretary Amitabh Chaudhary.¬†Rahul Johari, who was surrounded by allegations of sexual harassment, had to withdraw his name from this meeting.

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