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Seth Rollins publishes his first statement after the controversy of Hell in a Cell

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Latest WWE News  – Seth Rollins uses his Twitter account to post the first message after what happened in Hell in a Cell

Seth Rollins was one of the protagonists of the weekend in WWE due to his fight against “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt, which ended up in controversy over the reaction of the public after the fight ended without decision. This occurred when Seth Rollins hit Bray Wyatt in the face with a hammer. Wyatt had resisted all kinds of blows so far, so The Architect opted for the most violent solution. The referee stopped the fight and that caused the anger of the fans, who left a deafening generalized boo in the background while the PPV was still open.

The widespread discontent of the fans present at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento began before the emission of Hell in a Cell came to an end, with strong chants of “Bullshit.” Once the show was over, the opinions and images were transferred to social networks, where we have seen how an important part of the public asked for a “refund.” Some users caught Seth Rollins arguing with a fan who carried a “Seth Rollins is not cool” banner after the fight, although the thing did not come to more.

Seth Rollins, who didn’t make his appearance on Monday Night Raw last night, posted his first message on Twitter last night after what happened: “Surviving and prevailing is bigger than what happens between the ropes. Question everything, even yourself , and fight with all your heart every step of the way. ”

Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt did not appear on the Monday Night Raw live show after the PPV. It is rumored that WWE decided to protect “The Architect” before Raw’s public to avoid widespread booing. Although the anger of the WWE Universe was with the company itself, it was internally believed that fans would throw their anger on Seth Rollins, and it is something that right now does not interest. Instead, WWE posted a video summarizing the fight in Hell in a Cell, a time when the public took the opportunity to show their discontent again.


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