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Sasha Banks was close to leaving WWE after WrestleMania 35

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Latest WWE News – Sasha Banks, WWE fighter, would have tried to leave WWE during the weekend after WrestleMania 35. New information indicates that Banks would have been frustrated with her situation, trying to leave the company after the change of title of the Championships for Couples.

Dave Meltzer points out in the last edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Banks felt scorned when she was informed at the last minute that she and Bayley would lose the Tag Team Championships against The IIconics at WrestleMania 35. According to a senior charge at WWE, Banks thought that they had been given the opportunity to have a long reign to establish the championships as something serious and credible.

At the moment, WWE has given him a permit of several weeks to think about his stiuation before he makes a hasty decision. Two other sources have confirmed to Meltzer that Bansk was dissatisfied the day of the event. After this situation, Banks was absent from RAW, where he was scheduled to appear, in addition to cancel at the last minute his appearance on the Wendy Williams show due to “personal reasons.”

Banks used his social networks to write messages reflecting his mood and disgust with his surroundings, trying to reconnect with his passion. He is currently on vacation with his partner in the Dominican Republic.

Fightful has corroborated the information provided by the Observer, adding more details. Fightful points out that after having consulted several sources, what happened to The Revival was compared at the beginning of the year: in January both fighters were upset with the company, but they were asked for patience and to continue with the promise that the conditions would improve progressively. The media suggests that Bayley is also angry after what happened.

However, the sources consulted by Fightful point out that they would be surprised if WWE grants the release of the contract to Banks, ruling out an exit from the fighter in the short term.

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