Runner deserves to play

Runner deserves to play in Usain Bolt Football Playing XI

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Usain Bolt can get a chance in the opening XI of professional football on Friday. Bolt said that the challenge will determine whether his future is in professional football or not. Bolt is desperate to get a place in the starting XI. Significantly, being a part of professional football is Bolt’s childhood dream.

Bolt said that his coach of the Central Coast Mariner Mike Mulve has indicated that he can get a place in the starting XI in Sydney in a friendly match against McArthur South West United in Sydney. Bolt told the club’s media on Wednesday, “It’s always been a good move for me, when the coach is satisfied with your fitness and you’re ready to give the place in the starting XI – this is always a big step.”

He said, “I am happy that I am getting the chance and I want to do my best by making a place in the starting XI because it is important.” 8-time Olympic gold medalist Bolt made his debut in football in the last week of August, when he landed for 20 minutes as a substitute player. He reached close to goal, but got tired very soon. Bolt however said that his fitness has improved since then.

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