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Rob Van Dam explains his experience with concussions

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Latest WWE News  – RVD talks about treatments to deal with brain injuries

In the most recent episode of The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling, Chad and JP interviewed former WWE world champion Rob Van Dam where he talked about his experience in the treatment of concussions and what he learned about brain injuries that have changed his life completely. These are the most important statements:

“Throughout my career I had another opinion, I thought I was showing how hard I am, for example every night I knew that when Balls Mahoneyme was going to hit me with the chair, my internal bell was going to sound. for a few seconds and the sound would go out or, at times, it would feel as if it were sleeping, there were all sorts of different aspects for that inner bell to sound. ”

“What I did not realize at the time was that my brain bounced against my skull, which left me senseless and that’s a concussion, there are minor commotions and major commotions, I really only had two that I would consider an important concussion, I could remember anything after, one of those commotions was before I went into business, in a street situation where I got into fights, it was stupid and it was testing me against men, one of them knocked me out once and I did not remember anything of what happened during that day and I have seen it so many times since then and many times with people against whom I am fighting “.

“I caught them with kicks and there were times when I had to tell them again and again what happened, because there are different measures of concussion, I am learning everything I can now, I will continue and I will. Interested in something and I do an investigation, it is easy to retain the information and get a lot of information on the subject “.

“I do not think I’ve noticed all this until I see the whole story back, I had a concussion and then I did everything wrong, your brain needs to rest, you have to go somewhere dark and close your eyes, do not stimulate your brain I did the exact opposite, for some reason, I really felt that I needed to do everything to stimulate my brain, even move on, although Chris Nowinski said not to do it and I could not do it, I think it was a challenge for me to hear that, although I should have listened more to the part I should not be in. When I was up in the ring for an hour and talking to the crowd with bright lights in my eyes was what motivated me to do the wrong things to continue with a concussion That’s why my symptoms lasted so long. “


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