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Latest WWE News  – Sami Callihan defeated Tessa Blanchard in the main event of the Impact Wrestling Slammiversary show XVII

Brian Cage retains the World Championship against Michael Elgin

Impact Wrestling held its annual classic Slammiversary show last night at Gilley’s Dallas in Dallas, Texas. On this occasion, Brian Cage put the World Championship into play against Michael Elgin. Then we leave you with the results.

– Willie Mack beat TJP, Trey and Jake Crist in the opener. TJP made his appearance to remember his open Challenge and three wrestlers answered the call. Finishing, Willie Mack applies the Diving Splash on jake Crist to take the victory by the count of three.

Melissa Santos interviews Josh Alexander and Ethan Page, and reminds them that it was surprising that they won the titles. Page says they have already told everyone that they are the best and that tonight they will be shown why.

– The North (Ethan Page and Josh Alexander) beat LAX vs. Konnan vs. The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz) to retain the championships by pairs of Impact Wrestling. During the fight, Santana hit his back and was apparently injured. Finishing, Page applies a Powerbomb on Zachary Wentz on top of Ortiz to take the victory by the count of three.

After the fight, Santana says that he wants to walk on his own feet, so it seems that it is a storyline.

Sami Callihan says his bout against Tessa Blanchard will be the show’s main event.

– Eddie Edwards beat Killer Kross in a Frist Blood Match. The first fighter who bled lost the fight. Finishing, Edwards takes the kendo stick and cuts it in two, he puts it in Kross’ mouth until it starts to bleed.

In backstage, Melissa asks RVD about Moose. RVD says that since he appeared, Moose has been watching him. RVD says that Moose is from the old school, but will show Moose the consequences of his actions.

– Moose beat Rob Van Dam in an individual fight. In the final moments, Moose applies a low blow to Rob Van Dam and goes down for a chair. Van Dam applies the Van Daminator unexpectedly and prepares to apply the Frog Splash, but Moose pulls away and RVD hits the chair. Moose applies a Spear to end his opponent at the count of three.

Melissa wants to interview Taya behind the scenes but is received in bad ways. Taya says she does not know why they put her in a Monster’s Ball match, but she’ll do anything to win.

– Taya Valkyrie beat Rosemary, Su Yung and Jessicka Havok in a four-way Monster’s Ball match to retain the Knockouts Championship! During the fight, as is usual in this type of stipulations, several objects were used. During the course, Rosemary brought out a bag of thumbtacks, although her face ended up making contact when Taya trampled on her. Finishing, Havok looks for the Tombstone on Su Yung on top of the thumbtacks, but Taya hits him with a chair to take the victory by the count of three.

Behind the scenes, Rich Swann says it’s a great night, but Johnny Impact appears to mock the champion a bit. Swann says he accepts jokes, but they will not laugh when the fight is over.

– Rich Swann defeated Johnny Impact c / Johnny Bravo to retain the X-Division Championship. As expected, Johnny Bravo intervened in the fight. Finishing, Swann applied the Phoenix Splash to take the victory by the count of three.

– Brian Cage beat Michael Elgin to retain the Impact World Championship. Cage was superior, especially in the final moments, where he applied a running buckle bomb for the second time, although he was surprised by an unexpected account by Cage to miss the chance to take the title.

Once the fight is over, Elgin hits Brian Cage with the title and calls out Don Callis. However, a masked man makes his appearance and applies a Spear on Elgin to later leave. The masked one does not reveal his identity, although by the form to move it is clear that it is Rhyno, ex of WWE.

– Sami Callihan beat Tessa Blanchard in the main event of the show. It was a very even fight, in which Tessa made good spots, like the one that took place on the ramp, where she applied an Ace Crusher on Callihan. Finishing, Sami wants to make use of Tessa’s bat, but receives a low blow. Callihan applies a Package Piledriver and searches for the account, but only reaches two. Callihan can not believe it and Tessa gives him a signal to lose with his thumbs. Second Package Piledriver to finish the fight for the account of three.

Once the fight is over, Callihan takes Tessa’s bat and it looks like she’s going to hit her, but she gives it to him and leaves. The public chanted Tessa’s name to end the show.


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