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Results 205 Live June 11, 2019

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Latest WWE News  – Chad Gable makes his debut in the last episode of 205 Live

Chad Gable vs. Jack Gallagher
Chad begins with an attempt at suplex, and then begins to manipulate the joints of English. Both exchange several attempts of key, and Gable manages to connect a snapmare, after Jack tries to keep it tied with an ankle grip. Chad goes for a key to the neck, but Jack comes out with a vertical. Two wrestlers are taken from the dolls to exchange several pin attempts, which end with Chad applying an armbar. Gallagher manages to connect a dropkick, and then stars Gable against the rungs. Gable manages to return to the ring only at the last moment. The Briton contacts a European uppercut, and starts trying to break his fingers. Gable tries a backslide pin, but Gallagher takes a head shot to the stomach. Then he holds it for a good thirty seconds in the air, before sending it to the canvas with a slam. Chad tries to stay upright but Jack gives him a hammer. Chad takes out a northern lights suplex and then gives him a second suplex at ringside, which Jack does not get back into the ring before the account.
Winner: Chad Gable via countout.

# 1 Contendership Match
Akira Tozawa vs Humberto Carrillo vs Drew Gulak vs Oney Lorcan
Gulak hits Carrillo, while Oney takes Tozawa out of the ring with a lariat. Then Oney and Drew try a double whip against Carrillo, but he responds with a body splash. Then he hits Drew a second time. Tozawa returns to the ring to give a military drop to Humberto. With a second drop, take Gulak out of the ring. Lorcan deals out chops between Tozawa and Carrillo, and then a flying uppercut to Gulak. Carrillo tries an iron, but Oney also picks it up with an uppercut. Drew comes back and gives Humberto a clothesline. He tramples on Akira, and then returns with the Mexican to give him a German suplex. Take a slam to Tozawa, but the Japanese now gives a hurricanrana to Philadelphia. Akira and Humberto struggle to see who can cover Gulak. Tozawa knocks down Carrillo with a superkick, but when he goes for the Super Senton Bomb, Lorcan loses his balance. Oney connects the Half and Half over Carrillo, but when he tries to cover it, it is now Tozawa who interrupts him with a Super Senton Bomb. Humberto dispatches Oney with a missile dropkick, and Tozawa flies to ringside with a cannonball suicide towards Drew. Akira and Humberto return to face each other in the ring, and Humberto gives the Japanese a armdrag. Both are knocked down by Oney with lariats, who then exchanges punches with Drew. He takes it to ringside, where he gives a suicide dive to his three rivals. Ariya Daivari appears to give him a chair. Once again, it’s Humberto and Tozawa who are in the ring. Tozawa knocks down Carrillo with a scissor kick, but Humberto rearranges himself and climbs to the third rope to go for a suplex. Drew pushes him and scams him from the ring, and he’s the one who connects the superplex to Tozawa. Both go for a package pin and the four shoulders are on the canvas. The referees can not decide a winner, so Drake Maverick takes action on the matter. The show ends with both fighters arguing in the ring.
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