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Real Madrid: the exorbitant cost of Gareth Bale

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Latest Football News – Gareth Bale is expected to leave Real Madrid this summer, an opportunity to make a calculation of what it will cost his club during his six-year stint. The numbers are dizzying.

Arrived with great fanfare in 2013, Gareth Bale probably lives his last weeks at Real Madrid. The Welsh, active member of the Spanish club in his quest for four leagues Champions since his transfer (he was a scorer in the finals in 2014 and 2018), is only the shadow of himself this season. He is now whistled by a part of the public because of his disappointing performances and his repeated injuries (three just this season). His mind already seems far from Madrid. It should probably leave this summer and be replaced by a new wave of Galactic.

His future transfer should again panic counters. Became the most expensive player in the world when he was recruited from Tottenham for € 101 million, until the end it will have cost a lot to his club. With time, Bale having become a flop, AS even had a little calculation in his columns this Tuesday. The 29-year-old has spent Real Madrid € 236 million since 2013. In addition to his transfer, he had to pay very expensive fees. During the first three seasons, the Welsh earned a gross salary of € 18 million a year, for a total of € 54 million.

Bale cost Real Madrid € 236 million

This is obviously not everything. By extending his contract in 2016, Bale managed to negotiate a 50% increase. From 18, it rose to € 27 million gross per year, which allowed him to earn € 15 million net, and this during the last three seasons. With this € 81m (27×3) spent just on salary for him, the southpaw will have cost € 154m in six years at Real Madrid. Add to that the price of its transfer and we arrive at the figure of 236 M €. The investment has probably been paid since by the club but AS goes a little further in its small calculations.

The Spanish daily had fun reporting these figures with the player’s performance season by season. We learn for example that it was during the first year of Basel that the investment was the most profitable. It cost € 790,000 per match for € 1.6m the goal scored (44 matches and 22 goals) or € 10,456 per minute on the pitch. On the other hand, it was during the 2016/2017 season that it was the least profitable at € 22,612 per minute. With 9 small achievements in just 27 games, the one that had just extended will have cost 1.6 M € per game and 4.8 M € the goal. Bale played 225 games with the Madrid jersey and scored 102 goals. When taken as a whole, this amounts to € 2.3 million goal and € 1.05 million match.

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