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Latest Cricket News – Senior journalist Rajat Sharma on Saturday (16 November), after resigning from the post of president terming the Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) as corruption base, expressed hope that the move would give a warning to the stakeholders of the association. Sharma became the chairman of DDCA in July last year. He said that he tried his best to run this disputed union in a transparent manner.

Sharma said, “I wanted to reveal the real face of DDCA with this resignation. Even today, there are people involved in DDCA who are interested in securing contracts and tenders before international matches. They also interfere in the selection of players. ”

“It (resignation) should be seen as a alarm bell so that all stakeholders, including the Supreme Court, cricketers and the BCCI, know that people associated with such vested interests are in the DDCA,” he said. Now they (Supreme Court, Cricketers and BCCI) should decide the future course of action. ”

This senior journalist said, “I could have remained in the post for the next two years with the remainder of my tenure. But I felt that people should be aware of this. If I did not resign today, it would have been unfair to the members. “Sharma said in the statement,” The cricket administration here is full of pulls and pressures all the time. I think the vested interests here are always active against the interests of cricket Are. ”

“It seems that it is not possible in the DDCA to follow the principles of integrity, honesty and transparency that I will not compromise on at any cost,” he said. CEO Ravi Chopra also resigned just hours after Sharma’s resignation. Two members of the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) Sunil Valson and Yashpal Sharma also stepped down.

It will be interesting to see if the Atul Wassan selection committee and coach KP Bhaskar continue for the Ranji Trophy team. Sharma was associated with the cricket administration when he got the support of the late Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. DDCA insiders believe that Sharma was weakened after Jaitley’s demise as the former finance minister was instrumental in keeping the various factions of the organization united. “I had to face many obstacles, protests and harassment in my endeavor, just to prevent me from discharging my duties in a fair and transparent manner,” he said.