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Pogba plus a promise that a goodbye

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 Latest Football News – Double decisive passer after class action Sunday against Chelsea (4-0), Paul Pogba was clearly the handyman of Manchester United. He knew that his mach would be scrutinized after a transfer window where he was very exposed. The French answered present. Very auspicious for an attractive Mancunian team.

The lights are not focused on him, too busy to showcase Harry Maguire, elected man of the match on Sunday for his first successful Mancunian (4-0). Then Paul Pogba dragged out to leave the lawn of the Theater of Dreams.

He offered himself a little field trip, to greet the fans of Mancunians before giving his jersey to a youth in the stands. An image in full shift with his last release in the Premier League Manchester League, facing Cardiff, completed on insults and the feeling that something had broken.


Three months later, everything was forgotten. Especially after such a recital. The man of the unofficial match of the Mancunian demonstration, it’s him. At first discreet, or too detached from the stakes, Pogba went upmarket throughout the match. To finally finish at an exceptional level. Recruits Maguire, Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Daniel James performed well in the symphony. But it was Pogba with the baton.

In the Mancunian 4-2-3-1, the Habs emerged at the best time. When MU moved back to launch his arrows from a distance. And with his long game, Pogba has everything from the perfect archer. His bright opening for Rashford is already one of the assists of the year (3-0, 67th). A delight.

“On the fourth, I wanted him to go to the end”

And what about his run of 80 meters completed by a perfect timeout and a delightful pass in the timing for the young James (4-0, 81st)? When it moves in these spheres, Pogba has no equivalent with its outstanding physical power and exceptional moving technique. And, by far, Zinedine Zidane must have cursed her leaders for failing to complete the dossier this summer.

“He’s a good guy and a great professional,” said Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, an angel after the event when he was questioned about the mercato in his midfield, “he loves to play football. He is confident and wants the ball all the time, his pass is fantastic on the third goal, on the fourth I wanted him to go to the end. ” Like many to believe the clamor of Old Trafford on the breakthrough of the French.

Finally, Pogba starts the season as he had finished: in full flurry. It’s simple, since the arrival of Ole Gunnar Solskjær on the bench Mancunian, the French has been involved on 18 goals. In the same period, only Sergio Agüero is doing better. All is said.

In sum, Pogba reassured. On his level, already. On his investment in the Mancunian project too, the opportunity to see him join Madrid is dwindling hours in hours. At the microphone of RMC, he admitted that things were not quite the same, while leaving the doubt: “The future?” There were words, the future will tell. on this question mark I’m in Manchester, I’m having fun with my team-mates and I’ll always be on the field. ” If it’s like this Sunday, it promises.


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