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More information about Vince McMahon’s last-minute screenplay changes in the main shows

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Latest WWE News  – Vince McMahon used to change a large part of the script hours before the television broadcast of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live

Despite not being present in some shows, McMahon does not lose constant telephone contact with producers

Much information has emerged lately that Vince McMahon usually changes completely the scripts of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live a few hours before the broadcast takes place. Recently, Dave Meltzer has reported in his newsletter about the changes that McMahon made in both shows last week, even ruling out the return of two superstars out of action.

According to Meltzer, Paul Heyman’s original plan was to bring back the Authors of Pain (AOP) in the past Raw to participate in the Tag Team Turmoil match that crowned Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode as the new contenders for the Championships in Raw couples. Reportedly, Akam and Rezar were originally scheduled to have a strong performance in the comabate, but it was not planned to win.

AOP would end up losing to Roode and Ziggler, but not necessarily in the final part of the match. Another of the ideas that Vince McMahon ended up discarding was that the Viking Raiders beat another quick squash, but the plans were scrapped and Turmoil was added to the team combat. It is not ruled out that the Viking Raiders have performed the performance that was originally scheduled for Akam and Pray.

The King of the Ring match between The Miz and Baron Corbin was also reissued, as it was originally scheduled to last around 5 minutes instead of 10, but was given more time when the Vince decided to discard the squash of the the Viking Raiders.

Despite the multiple changes in the last episode of Monday Night Raw, it was reported according to PWInsider that the episode developed with a “fluidity never seen before” in backstage. However, the same fate did not run with SmackDown Live, as Meltzer reports that McMahon changed most of the show and wrote it himself the day before the broadcast. In fact, several media have indicated that Vince McMahon was not present in the SmackDown Live recordings, but that the entire broadcast had been in constant telephone contact with the producers. Another of the changes reported was suffered by the King of the Ring tournament between Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable, as the duel was originally scheduled to last 12 minutes and did not end up at 4.


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