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Mbappé, the bad pass that falls badly

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Latest Football News – Already not to his advantage against Bolivia before its release, Kylian Mbappé was unrecognizable during the sinking of the Blues in Turkey (2-0). The Parisian has sinned by excess of individualism. This complicated end of season and his attitude question when he asked for more responsibilities. Before a welcome holiday, he must answer against Andorra.

We have a little trouble recognizing it. In recent weeks, it is not the sharp Kylian Mbappé that perfectly combines speed, simplicity and efficiency. One can even wonder where has passed this Mbappé who has not stopped surprising the world of football for almost three years now. In Turkey (2-0), a few days after having already been dull against Bolivia before going out on injury, the Paris striker was thus the symbol despite himself of this sad team from France, unable to be dangerous and unworthy of her status as world champion. So what’s going on with the Parisian star?

It is always difficult to interpret a bad period lived by a player. Especially when the latter does not necessarily put the words to give some indications. But there are several tracks. The most obvious? The young prodigy of 20 years can simply suffer a physical fatigue but also mental that is not illogical. Rarely injured, Mbappé did not really save himself in this post-World Season after a psychologically difficult summer of 2018.

A trying season?

With Paris, where he finally blew “thanks” to his suspensions, Mbappé has had to compensate for the absences of Neymar or Edinson Cavani during the second part of this year 2018-2019. And he did it brilliantly (33 goals in L1, 4 in C1). With the Blues, who have reveled in his ability to make differences at any time, he has also played every game since the coronation in Russia. Even if he is recovering quickly from his 20 years and is thirsty for competition, it would be quite normal to see him suffer a little worse than the twilight of the season.

If the kid Bondy is not 100% of its means, it is not necessarily surprising to see him show unusual clumsiness. It is perhaps lacking the necessary pep to place its support and make the differences that make it so singular. “He plays a lot, maybe too much, he’s a little tired, he’s not precise enough,” Thomas Tuchel had already slipped in last February. Four months later, this finding only takes more thickness.

An attitude related to his desire for responsibility?

However, this possible worst move may not be the only reason for the disappointing outflows. And there, the concern would be deeper and more problematic. His excess of individualism can also be rooted in his desire to assume “more responsibility”, as he confessed in a smashing way when he received his trophy for the best player of the L1 season. An exit that recalled his ambition. And has necessarily pushed a little more in the spotlight, with the obligation to assume now his remarks on the ground.

In this context, where some point to a lack of humility not always very popular in France, his last performance, where he saw the chain of solitary initiatives, be too greedy and bait to try in vain to find the solutions alone, fall badly. He loses too many balloons. And inevitably attracts a little more criticism while taking the risk of annoying observers but also his teammates. If he was not the only one to sink in Turkey, his bad choices and his many losses of bullets have been at the heart of the debate since. Faced with Andorra, it’s up to him to correct the shot and to find this spontaneity or this lucidity which make his charm. History to leave on a good note for a well deserved vacation that will allow him to relax and … take stock.


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