“Mbappé must have some binder with his teammates”

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Latest Football News – Present before the press Saturday afternoon, Raphaël Varane and Didier Deschamps each sent a small reminder to Kylian Mbappé after his match against Moldova (2-1) on Thursday. For both men, the PSG striker must sometimes better integrate into the collective of the Blues. Even if they think his attitude is the right one.

A very laborious start to the match marked by several bad choices. Then a slight increase in power until a reset in one key at the origin of the penalty obtained by Lucas Digne. Thursday night, against Moldova (2-1), Kylian Mbappé did not live his best evening in France team, like a whole collective in-in during the first act. And – it’s the flip side of his pioneering career start – the 20-year-old striker is expected to be at the top every time he goes out.

So inevitably, before moving the Blues in Albania Sunday (20:45), as part of the final day of qualifying for Euro 2020, several questions have concerned the champion of France in a press conference. Raphaël Varane, current captain tricolor, took the opportunity to give a little advice to his teammate. “Against Moldova, he could do better, he knows it, he explained, he has a lot of qualities and in the field, he must sometimes choose between all his qualities.He can not do everything at the same time. ”

“Kylian has tried a lot individually”

A small tackle concerning his tendency to sometimes “fiddle” the ball? Perhaps. But it is more generally his relationship with others that was mentioned by the Madrid defender: “Kylian has the ability to go very fast, to create gaps, to play with his teammates, he listed. He must be able to get some binder with his teammates, what he is trying to do in the field and what he could have done better in the last game. ”

Also in front of the press, Didier Deschamps has generally gone in the same direction as his defender on this subject: “His game involves taking risks, because they are sometimes individual actions.After, we must find a happy medium, but Kylian has always been a member of a collective, he said, and he has made a lot of individual attempts against Moldova, maybe a bit too much, but I will never blame a player for taking too many initiatives. also depends on the players around him, the animation. ”

“At the level of involvement, we can not blame him”

Very nuanced reproaches, then. And make no mistake, Mbappé is not singled out for his overall attitude. “At the level of involvement, his desire on the ground, we can not blame him,” said Varane, while Deschamps explained that his player was “aware” of these details to settle. “He obviously would have liked it to be better for him on the last match,” added DD. And when the former Monegasque is animated by a small spirit of revenge, his opponents can pay the price. Albania is prevented.