Manchester City sacred … but private Champions League?

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Image – Manchester City

Latest Football News – According to the very serious New York Times, UEFA would like to exclude Manchester City from the C1. The fresh two-time defending British champion is under investigation for violating financial fair play rules.

It is an emotional lift that Manchester City absolutely wanted to avoid. But, under threat from UEFA for several months, the club that was crowned champion of England Sunday could be excluded from the Champions League for violating the rules of financial fair play. This is in any case what recommended the authority, as reported on Monday the very serious New York Times on its website.

According to the American daily, UEFA wants to exclude for a season the Citizens of the main European event, which they have never won. UEFA’s decision could be announced as early as this week, the US newspaper reports. The New York Times states that “it is unclear whether this suspension, if decided, would take effect for the next season (2019-20, Ed) or 2020-21”.

Overvalued contracts?

The US newspaper, quoting without naming “people close to the file”, said that UEFA should pin Manchester City, held since 2008 by a member of the ruling family of Abu Dhabi, for making false statements during the meeting. a previous survey and for overvaluing sponsorship contracts. Manchester City is subject to a new UEFA investigation into “several alleged violations” of financial fair play rules (FPF) since early March.

In the process, the Premier League, which manages the English Football Championship, announced that it was also investigating the finances of Manchester City. The English club is with Paris Saint-Germain one of the clubs pointed out by the “Football Leaks” which revealed that Abu Dhabi would have contributed 2.7 billion euros to Manchester City in seven years including via overvalued sponsorship contracts.

Manchester City has already been fined 60 million euros in 2014 (including 20 million farm), for violating the rules of the FPF. The club was also sentenced to only lining 21 players in C1 the following season, compared to 25 in normal times. From now on, the penalty could be much heavier.