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Latest Football News: Manchester City defeats Liverpool 2-1 to return to title race

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Latest Football News – Current champions Manchester City finally broke the invincible order of Liverpool Football Club in the current season of the English Premier League (EPL). In the match played at the Etihad Stadium, City defeated Liverpool 2-1 to return to the title race. In the EPL’s points table, Liverpool is at the top with 54 points, while the city has reached number two with 50 points. Liverpool have played a total of 21 matches in this season, in which they have won 17 and played three draws, while the only defeat they have to face against City.

Following a continuous defeat against Crystal Palace and Leicester City, Manchester City lost in the title race, while Liverpool had begun to win the title for the first time since 1990. In the match against Liverpool of Jürgen Klope, Leroy Sane scored the decisive goal for the city 18 minutes before the scheduled time. Earlier, in the 40th minute by Sergio Aguero, Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino equalized in the 64th minute. Aguero scored seventh goal in seventh home match. Liverpool’s team was deprived of the early lead in the 18th minute of the game when the effort of claiming his star player was a bit of a bit beyond crossing the goal line.

According to City Manager Pep Guardiola, his team won the final with this win. Guardiola said that it was the final for us because the defeat in this match meant that everything was ending for us. I’m proud of my players.


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