Luke Harper records his name on the independent scene

Image –  WWE

This could mean that Luke Harper’s passage through WWE could end soon

WWE fighter Luke Harper has registered a few days ago a patent with the name he used in the independent wrestling scene, as reported by the portal. His name used in the indies was that of Brodie Lee and was registered on November 26.

In the patent this register has been described as a name that would be used for “entertainment services including wrestling exhibitions and performances by a professional wrestler”. In addition, the description has also made it explicit that it would be used for t-shirts.

This move could mean an eventual departure of Luke Harper from WWE. It should be remembered that the fighter, former Intercontinental champion and by company partners, asked for the release of his contract a few months ago and was not granted because they considered that he could still do more for the company.

His contract expired a few months ago, but WWE added a short extension so that he could recover from a hand injury that was done before the relationship between the two parties ended. Currently, his contract ends between the months of April and May 2020.

Luke Harper is considered one of WWE’s most underutilized fighters, which is why he wants to leave. His last appearances have been last October. His few presences have made him decide to leave to try his luck in the independent scene, and who knows, in another big company like AEW or Impact Wrestling.