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Liverpool departs New Balance to offer a record sponsorship deal for all records!

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Latest Football News – Back in the limelight, Liverpool is once again a great cash machine. A real boon for the Reds who want to take the opportunity to significantly increase their jersey sponsorship deal. And the case would be on track with Nike that would put € 90 million a year to put his swoosh on the famous red tunic.

In the declared war of Adidas, Nike and Puma, Liverpool was an exception. Under contract with New Balance since 2012, the iconic English club should finally join one of the three behemoths of the market. According to ESPN, the Reds have decided not to renew the contract with the US sports brand that ends on June 30, 2020. A windfall so for Puma, Adidas and Nike who fight a battle without mercy to recover one of the the most prestigious clubs on the planet football, and which has regained its former glory for two seasons.

If New Balance has a clause in its contract allowing it to extend its collaboration with Liverpool if it is aligned with the price of a competitor, it is hard to imagine NB put € 90m per year on the table to keep his football club carries standards. As a reminder, the brand today only pays 50. Because according to the Liverpool Echo, it is this sum that should recover the management of the English club from the beginning of the 2020 season. who would be in advanced discussion to recover the Reds.

The Liverpool jersey has never been so sold!

If the commensurate mark already includes Chelsea and Tottenham, neither club has the aura and prestige of Liverpool. Note that the return to the top of the club coached by Jurgen Klopp has boosted the sales of jerseys in recent months, helped though it is true by the performance of Mohamed Salah and his band in the Champions League in particular. According to ESPN, the last two jerseys were the most sold in the club’s history.

So there is a real shot to play for Nike who dreams of napping his rival adidas always. The German brand had recovered Manchester United and had then exploded the market of the equipment manufacturers in England by putting 75 M € over 10 years to recover the Red Devils. Remain with € 90 million, Liverpool will still be far from the two most expensive jerseys in the world, Barça and Real Madrid that exceed € 100 million.

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