Lio Rush explains his current situation with WWE

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Latest WWE News  – Sin rumores reales de una fecha de regreso, Lio Rush informa su relación actual con WWE.

HipHopDX interviewed Lio Rush, who told about his current status with WWE. Then we leave you with the most outstanding statements:

“Right now, I’m still in the company. I am at home and enjoy time with children, my family, my wife, working on projects that I have always wanted to work on now that I have time to do it. Not everyone is always on television. You always have certain places, characters and what is in fashion now changes later, now is not my time. It was when Bobby and I were working together and we were able to achieve so many wonderful things in the amount of time we had, I think it was around 6-7 months. We were at Raw every week, almost like 2-3 promotional segments every week, every PPV, so it was amazing. I know that Bobby is out with an injury right now and I’m working on some music. I’m 24 years old, my heart is still fighting. WWE is still a dream, a passion of mine. ”

Rumors about the situation in WWE locker rooms

“Many times these rumors are simply taken as facts because I feel that people are afraid to tell their version. But I take pride in what I do and the things I believe in. I don’t like that my reputation is altered by wrestling websites or by those who don’t know the full side of the story. I just wanted to throw some positivity into the situation, because everyone is always trying to capitalize on the negative and make stories of things that don’t have a source behind. ”

Musical career

“My goal in music is the same result in everything I do: I want to be the best. Be among the greats, who remind me of being different, unique and thinking outside the box. I wish I could show that to the world, listening to my music. Feel what I feel, contact me. “


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