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Latest Football News: ISL-Goa’s Amazing win, beat Mumbai 2-0

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Latest Football News – FC Goa secured third place in the Indian Super League (ISL) numeral table by defeating hosts Mumbai City FC 2-0 on Friday. From Goa, Edu Bedia scored 28th and Ferran Corominas scored in the 79th minute.

This is the seventh win in 13 matches of Goa, but it is the third defeat in 14 matches of Mumbai. Goa has gone up to 24 points and has reached number three, leaving North East United FC (23) behind.

66 Match – Mumbai City FC-0 / FC Goa-2

After this defeat, Mumbai is second with 27 points. If Mumbai team won this match, then they would have to leave Bengaluru FC (30) behind the difference and then reach the top.

Goa has shown offensive games from the beginning. Mumbai also made some good moves in the middle. Goa made an edge in the 28th minute, while Edu Bedia scored a goal by chasing Mumbai goalkeeper Amarinder Singh.

Arnold Issoko for Mumbai made a good move in the 36th minute and gave a good pass inside the box for Rafael Bastos, but Rafael did not show a successful response during the time and Mumbai remained unchanged. In the second half, both teams are vigilant.

Mumbai had an opportunity in the 50th minute but the captain could not make Machado a goal. Goa goalkeeper Mohammad Nawaz foiled the Mumbai attack in the 57th minute. Goa retaliated in the 61st minute, but Goa defied the crisis that came to Mumbai on good defense.

Both teams were still struggling to score goals. In the 79th minute of the game, Subhashish Bose dropped Koro in the box on which Goa got a penalty. Koro did not mistake to score on this. This is the 11th round of this season in Koro.

He has now surpassed Bartholomew Ogbeche (10) in the case of making the most goals. At the same time it was Korro’s 29th goal in ISL. He has now become the highest goalscorer in the history of this league.


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