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Latest Cricket News:These days, there is a lot of talk about young player Mayank Agrawal in cricket

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Latest Cricket News – The film ‘The Accidental Primer’, made on the former Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh, is in great detail these days. As soon as the film trailer arrives, the period of controversy has started as expected. The other thing that has happened since the arrival of this film is that the English word ‘Accidental’ comes into circulation. There was a paraphrase in Hindi, “There is no incident in his life without any desire for a person.” Even in cricket, a young player is at the center of a lot of discussion these days and the interesting thing is that he also became an ‘accidentally’ cricketer. Yes we are talking about Mayank Agarwal’s Let us tell you the story of Mayank Agarwal becoming a cricket. Mayank Agarwal started his Test career as an opener against Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Mayank did not think that he would play international cricket

In his debut Test match, Mayank Agarwal, who played a magnificent 76 against world-class fast bowlers like Josh Hazlewood, Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc and Kadamer spinner Nathan Lyon, wanted to become a pilot rather than a cricketer. Mayank never dreamed that he would one day represent India in international cricket. But the truth is said that there is some divine power that has already written the whole script of your life. After scoring 76 in the first innings of the Boxing Day Test match played in Melbourne, Mayank scored 42 runs in the second innings on the hard pitch. After that, in the first innings of the Sydney Test match, once again played a 77-run half-century. In an interview given to BCCI TV, Mayank Agarwal has himself revealed that he wanted to become a pilot and not a cricketer.

Myanak wanted to become a pilot after reading science

He said, “I used to be very anxious about airplanes in my childhood. So I thought that I would read science and become a pilot. When I started playing cricket for Karnataka then I felt that I could do it too. But, I had to choose one of cricket and my childhood dream here. My parents were very supportive in this matter and they gave me the freedom to say that I love what I love. Then, through Open Schooling, I chose Commerce Stream in the 11th and the 12th of the year to make me play cricket and not having too much burden of studies. Then I chose cricket because I loved it. From then on, I began to dream that I too would play internationally for India. Now I am realizing that the more matches you play and the experiences you get from them, he or she benefits you somewhere. As today I am benefiting from that thing. ‘


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