Kurt Angle: “WWE workouts are more effective now than in my time”

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Latest WWE News  – Kurt Angle talks about the benefits that current fighters have in NXT

WWE Hall of Fame member Kurt Angle answered questions from fans on his Facebook page. Then we leave the most prominent statements.

About your professional wrestling training

“In 1999, when WWE did not have a minor league training center like NXT, it trained with Dory Funk and Tom Prichard. I trained for a week a month. Although it worked well for me, the program that WWE has today is more effective since athletes train every day. ”

The favorite fight he saw as a spectator

“I really enjoyed watching Hart vs. Michaels in an Iron Man Match. They were able to keep us all in suspense without a pinball in the 60 minutes. That is hard to do. ”

If you prefer to maintain a rivalry with Rey Mysterio or hit someone like Big Show

“Both are equally difficult and exhausting. But, I enjoyed fighting with Rey. It was a challenge for me because I had no experience with the flyers. However, I adapted quite quickly. “


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