Kofi Kingston celebrates 1000 days as champion for WWE Couples

Image – WWE

The New Day member is the only WWE fighter who has achieved the record of being the longest partner champion ever

WWE announced on its Twitter account that Kofi Kingston has exceeded 1000 days as WWE Couple Champion. The count includes his reigns with four different partners and his current affairs being part of New Day with Big E and Xavier Woods. Kingston is the only fighter who accomplished this feat within the company.

In 2008, Kofi was WWE Couples Champion for the first time when he partnered with CM Punk and defeated Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. The reign lasted 47 days, losing him to The Miz and John Morrison. Two years later, he formed with Evan Bourne a duo called Air Boom and together they became champions of the red mark for 146 days.

Cousin and Epico, took the titles from Air Boom, but Kingston regained the championships in 2012, along with R-Truth. The duo had a reign of 139 days and ended that same year in the PPV Night Of Champion, losing to Team Hell No.

Today, Kingston is part of New Day with Big E and Xavier Woods. They are currently 6 times Champions in Couples. If we count all the times they have won (in SmackDown and Raw) the trio adds 729 days with these belts. In addition, they are the second stable with the longest reigns of the company and the three are considered champions for defending it under the Freebird Rule.