Kofi Kingston, about Big E: “He would have an excellent solo career”

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Kofi Kingston talks about his teammate, Big E, and the NXT talents he believes will soon be on WWE’s main roster

Former WWE champion and member of The New Day Kofi Kingston recently gave an interview to AL.com in which, among other topics, he talked about the fighters who made him laugh the most when he was younger, about Big’s possible solo career E and the NXT stars you see with more future projection. His most prominent statements, below:

About the superstars that made him laugh before becoming a wrestler
«Without a doubt, one of the fighters I had the most fun with when I was only a WWE fan was Booker T and, especially, with his King Booker character … He was so different from what he had done so far … Seeing him go out with all that luxury, with such elegance, when he was quite the opposite of elegant, so coarse inside the ring and with the mike, it was something that I loved. Once I signed for WWE, I must admit that I had a great time with Santino Marella. For me, it was the funniest talent of all; when he went out to the ring, we gathered around a monitor to see what he could think of … If he climbed on the third rope and pretended to be afraid of heights, or if he jumped from the first and fell. It was a real pleasure to see him.

About Big E’s possible solo career

«I would do it beautifully, I’m sure. Big E is an exceptional athlete and a very funny guy in many ways. In fact, it is the funniest of the three … Xavier and I always say that it is not fair to have that natural grace, that just looking at someone can make him die of laughter. In addition, it has a sixth sense to know what will work in the ring, knows how to make something unique. Many people think that if Big E started a solo career, it would be the end of The New Day … I disagree because we have never seen ourselves only as a team, but as friends who fight together but also have individual races; In fact, we have spoken on many occasions and we agree that each of us could have an individual championship and we would continue to go out together and support each other, because a true friendship joins us, we are like brothers. I always say that, during my period as WWE Champion, I was the one with the title, but the three of us were champions because without Big E or Xavier Woods I would not have arrived where I arrived. We try to encourage each other, to make the best of each one, so we will have to wait to see what happens, but I guarantee that we will take all the opportunities that are offered to us ».

On which NXT superstars do you think they could reach the main roster next year

«God … There is so much talent in NXT that it’s hard to say. Adam Cole has taken a big step forward by being in Raw, SmackDown and NXT, even in Survivor Series. Tommaso Ciampa, another great fighter with an enormous heart and an iron will that, despite having suffered injuries and having been removed from the action, will surely reach the top, is a matter of time. Keith Lee has also had a great year and a bright future awaits … And the list could go on and on because there is so much talent, it is impossible to name them all. We are at a very special moment in the wrestling industry and I suppose we will find a way to evolve together ».