Kevin Owens gets victory over Shane McMahon in SummerSlam

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Image – WWE

Latest WWE News  – Combat occurred during WWE’s most recent pay-per-view broadcasts

In the case of being defeated, Owens would have had to quit his job at WWE.

During the SummerSlam pay-per-view broadcasts through WWE Network, Kevin Owens managed to defeat Shane McMahon, thus saving himself from finishing his career within the company.

Before starting the match, Shane announced the presence of Elias as a backup referee at ringside. He broke into multiple occasions by preventing Kevin from carrying out several attacks, or approaching his opponent outside the ring. He even interrupted several occasions when KO was close to winning.

Owens decided to put an end to the matter, applying a cannonball to both officers at ringside, and then attacking Elias with a chair. Already in the ring, Owens chose to take advantage of a distraction from the referee to hit Shane in the soft tissue, and finish it with a stunner to get the victory on behalf of three.

Kevin Owens placed his work at stake anta Shane McMahon

A few weeks ago on SmackDown Live, Kevin Owens cut a promo against Shane McMahon and his excess of prominence in WWE programming. Later, Owens would challenge Shane to a confrontation, placing his career at stake in the event of being defeated. McMahon accepted, thus beginning a rivalry for the most important summer event for WWE.


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