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Kevin Owens explains how he started liking wrestling

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Latest WWE News  – Kevin Owens claimed that the first wrestler who became a wrestling fan was the British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith

Kevin Owens was the guest of the podcast of WWE’s vocalist Lilian Garcia, Chasing Glory. Owens discussed several current wrestling and WWE topics, but was also asked about how he started liking wrestling and what his childhood idols were.

Owens began to have contact with the wrestling just seeing a Wrestlemania: “When I was 11, my father brought home a WrestleMania 11 tape. It was a VHS and I had rented it from the local video store, we saw it. with him and about two hours later I said what I wanted to do to earn a living. ”

Owens explained that in the fourth year “the children used to say the typical works of when you were a child as an astronaut or doctor, but when they asked me I did not say anything because I did not dare to say a wrestler”. However, the desire of the current wrestler of WWE continued to increase, especially thanks to a fighter who always saw.

“The first fighter I saw who caught me was Davey Boy Smith, he was a guy who was doing all these things in an incredible way and I thought that as his career progressed he would appreciate everything else he saw about him. to start and the truth is that I learned a lot from him, “Owens stressed.

But it would not only be the British Bulldog who helped him become a fighter, another who helped him take the step was Shawn Michaels. “I loved seeing Shawn Michaels in his early days in WWE, because at the time I was very skinny and quite small, he reminded me, people thought I was 7 or 8, even though I was 11, so when Shawn came out Michaels, the youngest guy in the program, who ended up being the best fighter, so I thought that if he can do it, I could too. ”

Owens, currently established as a recognized WWE wrestler, recalled that moment in his childhood to explain the industry’s impact on fans today. “It’s hard to assess or realize the impact you have on the fans when you’re struggling, I can not appreciate it as much as I want, my parents and my family are my biggest support and the ones that make me stay where I am now.”


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