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Latest Cricket News –  In the ICC World Cup 2019 cricket, the International Cricket Council (ICC) on Monday changed the rules of Super Over for all major tournaments, after the controversy of England being declared winners against New Zealand when the match was tied in the Super Over in the final in July. Have done In the final played between New Zealand and England, both teams scored an identical 241 runs, which was followed by a super over.

In the Super Over too, both teams scored 15–15 and the match was tied. After this, England was declared the winner due to more boundaries. The ICC faced a lot of criticism due to this disputed rule.

The ICC has now changed the rules, according to which if both teams score equal runs in the semi-finals and the final matches, even in the super over, it will be super over again. The super over will happen until one team becomes the winner.

“Following the recommendation of the ICC Cricket Committee, the Committee of Chief Executives (CEC), it was agreed that the Super Over will continue to be used in ICC matches and used it till then,” said the statement issued after the ICC Board meeting. Will go until the tournament results are clear. In this case both the Cricket Committee and the CEC agreed that it would be used in all ODIs and T20 World Cup matches to make the game exciting and attractive. ”

According to the statement, “If the match remains tie even after the super over at the group level, it will be considered a tie but in the semi-finals and finals the super over will be held until a team can score more runs.”


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