absent six months due to rupture of the cruciate ligament of the knee

In search of a European qualification, AS Saint-Etienne did not need that. The day after the loss to Paris Saint-Germain at the close of the 25th day of Ligue 1 (0-1), the club Etienne announced the diagnosis of the injury of his striker, Kévin Monnet-Paquet, released at the end of the meeting (86). And the verdict is final: rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the left knee.

The player was injured alone late in the game against PSG, after trying a left-leaning goal for Alphonse Areola. The player was replaced by Arnaud Nordin (86th).

Luis Garcia became the main coach of Spain’s football club, Villarreal.

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Latest Headlines Football – Luis Garcia became the main coach of Spain’s football club, Villarreal. Garcia was given charge of this position in place of Xavier . Garcia has experience of coach clubs in Spanish clubs, including Levante and Getafe.

He also guided his wife B-team in the 2005/06 season. Garcia said that I wanted to join the senior team on this post. We will work hard. Our team is on Thursday and we want to win it. They will try to be better than that. Garcia has agreed with Villarreal for the primary agreement made for the end of this session.

I League: Gokulam defeats Minerva 1-0 by Rajesh’s goal

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Latest Headlines Football – With the help of Rajesh S Goal, Gokulam Kerala FC defeated champion Minerva Punjab FC 1-0 in the Illeg football tournament here on Sunday. Rajesh scored a goal in the 60th minute, which proved to be decisive in the end.

This is Gokulam’s second win and it has eight points in five matches. He is second on the top with five points behind Chennai City FC. Minerva has four points in four matches and he has slipped to the eighth position.

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Ibrahimovich won the MLS Newcomer of the Year titles by overtaking Rooney

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Latest Football Headlines – Zlatan Ibrahimovic of Los Angeles Galaxy defeated Washington DC’s Wen Rooney on Tuesday to win Major League Soccer (MLS) Newcomer of the Year title. 37-year-old Ibrahimovic, who scored 22 goals in 27 matches of MLS, got 36 percent of the votes. Rooney, who scored 12 goals in 21 matches, got 32 percent of the vote.

Rooney is keen to play for farewell match for England

Former England captain Wayne Rooney said it was a matter of honor for me to play again in the country’s jersey. Rooney, who scored 53 goals for England, will play his farewell match against the United States at the Wembley Stadium on Thursday. He played his last match against Scotland in this ground in November 2016. This is their 120th match from England.

John Terry

After spending 23 years, John Terry now decides that by saying goodbye

John Tarry, former England captain and Chelsea football team, has announced his retirement from the football world. According to the report of ESPN website, 37-year-old Terry is now preparing to go to coaching. Tarry did not attend any other soccer club after leaving Aston Villa in May this year. He announced his retirement at his official Instagram account.

Terry said, “After spending 23 years as a football player, I have now decided that this is the right time to say goodbye. I am grateful to all my best teammates, staff, that gave me an opportunity to work and learn in so many years. All of them guided me during the match.

Maradona believes that the Argentina

Maradona believes that the Argentina Football Union needs restructuring

Great footballer Diego Maradona believes that the Argentina Football Union (AFA) needs restructuring so that the national team can succeed again. Argentina’s team from the 2018 World Cup was eliminated by losing 3-4 to France in the pre-quarterfinals. Maradona said that the building should be home on a strong building and today the mother of football (Argentina) is in danger. The 57-year-old great player also questioned the directors of AFA and the officials.

Ozill left the German football team

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After criticizing the picture with Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Masut Ojil decided to retire from international football. In a serial statement on Twitter, this star of Arsenal announced to say goodbye to football. Ozill criticized the German football federation, its president, German football fans and the media, that it seems to be double standards and racism in their behavior towards people of Turkish descent.

Naymar will not leave Psg

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Neymar has put an end to all the speculation in which it was said that he is going to leave the PSG. Not only that, his name was being associated with Real Madrid. But now all these speculations have stopped.

Cristiano Ronaldo has recently left Juventus Club with Real Madrid. It was after this news that Real Madrid had engaged in joining Neymar in the club but now Neymar has made it clear that he is not going to leave Paris. I have a contract with the club and I will be associated with this.

Good thinking of Japanese team and fans

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When Japan’s team lost to Belgium by 2-3 in the final-16, their fans in the stadium were overwhelmed by the disappointment.His fans were very sad, but what he did in his stadium, he lost the world’s defeat to Japan and went on to praise the fans of the game. These game lovers of Japan chose to pick up litter, plastic, wrappers, bottles, banners etc. spread by themselves and others before leaving the stadium, and started putting them in their bags. These people cleaned the entire garbage around them and then went out of the stadium.

Celebration of dance on the streets by Russia’s fans

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Russia’s fans celebrated the festivities of reaching the quarter-finals of the team in the Football World Cup by dancing on the streets. In the Baltic region, people were celebrating the victory of the team in Spain in the last-16 encounter by dancing on the streets, while in Vladivostok, located in the far eastern region of the country, fans of the fans were seen expressing affection for the strangers.Thousands of fans in the Sokchi near the Black Sea were enjoying the match on the big screen by wrapping the flag of Russia on their shoulders and the happiness of winning people in central Moscow was such that they played horns of the car from evening to morning .

Rohit in Russia for watching(FWC).Indian will be proud

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Team India’s ‘Hitman’ Rohit Sharma is currently holidaying with his wife, Ritika Sajdhade. At this time, he has gone to Russia to watch the FIFA World Cup. Both enjoyed the opening Ceremonies and opening match of the FIFA World Cup on Thursday. Rohit has shared a photo on his Instagram page. In this photo, Rohit Tricolor stands. He shared this photo while writing, ‘We have to keep our tricolor elevated everywhere.’


Wenger will leave Arsenal Football Club end of this session

Soon, Wenger of France will leave to Arsenal Football Club  end of this session after 22 years.Now age of Wenger is 68 year old. He is the most successful manager of any club in the English Premier League .He was associated with the club in 1996.He had two year contract from recent sessions.His fans were demanding their resignation from 2016.Wenger said, it is good time for feft this club and should give chance to other one. I feel grateful to be associated with the club for so many years thanks for my fans, player,staff and directors. this journey was very important for me. 


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