Goldberg defeats Dolph Ziggler in WWE SummerSlam

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Image – WWE

Latest WWE News  – Goldberg destroys Dolph Ziggler during and after his fight at SummerSlam

The combat lasted approximately 1 minute and 44 seconds

Goldberg defeated Dolph Ziggler in the individual combat held at Summerslam. Although many expected a longer than usual fight, Ziggler fell before two minutes. Ziggler surprised Goldberg by applying two Superkicks at the start, but failed to win by the count of three. The former Universal champion avoided a third kick by applying the Spear and the subsequent Jackhammer for the count of three.

Before starting the fight, Dolph Ziggler took the mike and remembered that the legends return, but that he continues to steal the show. When he started talking about Goldberg he was interrupted by his musical theme. As usual, Goldberg made his entrance from the door of his dressing room. After the fight, when Goldberg was leaving on the ramp, Ziggler rebuked him and sent him back. Goldberg went back into the ring and applied another Spear. Goldberg left, but returned again after Ziggler continued to increase him. On this second occasion, Goldberg lifted Ziggler, threatened to let him go but stoked him with another Spear in the race.

It was one of the most anticipated fights due to the appearance of Goldberg at the last moment. The fight was agreed less than a week from SummerSlam, specifically in the Monday Night Raw show held last Monday, when Dolph Ziggler made an appearance on Miz Tv to sign the contract of his fight against The Miz. Before closing the deal, The Miz revealed that he would not be his rival, but another person who turned out to be the former Universal champion.


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