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Football News: United beat Fulham 3-0 to move to the next Champions League

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Football News –Manchester United made it to the top four in the English Premier League (EPL) rankings table, winning 10th in the 11th match under the supervision of their interim manager Ole Gner Solskazar. United beat Fulham 3-0 to move to the next Champions League.

In the 14th minute of the play, Paul Pogba gave United the initial lead by turning a difficult opportunity into the goal. Pogba scored a goal from the left end to Anthony Marshall with a quick kick on the ball and the goal was scored between goalie Sergio Rico. After nine minutes of his time, Marshall doubled United’s advantage by ripping Rico by running fast from the left end.

The first half was not enough for Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku, but in the second half he helped United get a penalty kick. Lukaku gave D in the team to Juan Mata, who was dropped by Maxime Le Marchand of Fulham. Pogba (65th minute) converted this penalty to the goal and forwarded his team 3-0.

Liverpool reached the top:

Liverpool defeated Bournemouth 3-0 to win the top spot in the points table in the EPL match played on Saturday in Eiffel. In the 24th minute of the play, Sadie Mane scored the header and forward Liverpool 1-0 ahead in the first half hour. After 10 minutes after the mane’s goal, Georginio Wijnaldum returned after the injection, giving a double goal to his team through a fantastic goal.
Mohamed Salah, who missed two important occasions in the first half, made Liverpool forward by 3-0 at half time after reaching the back-hill pass by Roberto Firmino in the goal post. This score remained intact till the end.

With the help of alternate goal of Andre Gray in the other matches on Saturday in the EPL, Watford beat Everton 1-0. Prior to this, a minute of silence was kept in memory of Cardiff City striker Emiliano Sala, who recently lost her life in an air crash. In another match, Arsenal defeated Huddersfield 2-1 while the match played between Crystal Palace and West Ham United remained at 1-1 at the same time.


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