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Football News: Modric won the champions league title for the third time with his club in May this year.

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Football News – Real Madrid player and Croatian midfielder Luka Modrić captured the Balon D-side title after beating veterans like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Lyon and Norwegian striker pader hegerberg named Balon d’Or. in their women title.

This is the first Balon d’Or title of Modric’s career. After almost a decade, any player other than Messi and Ronaldo won the title. Hegerberg played a key role in Lyon’s victory in this year’s Women’s Champions League final. Lyon wrestled Wolfsburg 4-1 to win the title and also had a round Hagerberg.

Modric won the Champions League title for the third time with his club in May this year and after that he helped his team reach the final of the FIFA World Cup in Russia this year.

After getting the Balon D side title, Modric said, ‘It may be that in the last few years some players would have won the Balon D side but now people have finally started looking at any other player.’

Modric said that this award is for all the players who are entitled to get it somewhere but they did not get it. Modric said that this year is very special for them.

Hagerberg said, “I want to thank my teammates, coaches and our president because without them it was not possible. With this I am also thankful to France Football. This is a big step taken for women’s football. ‘

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