Del Bosque: “Between Neymar and Mbappé I would sign Mbappé because it seems more sensible”

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Latest Football News – “As much as Guardiola does, they will consider him a traitor,” says the former coach.

Vicente del Bosque, special guest of the program ‘El Partidazo’ of Cope and Radio MARCA, reviewed the football news after presenting his summer campus in the morning. “I still watch the same matches but without the responsibility of looking at who to call, I never had depression as a player or as a coach.” Real Madrid: “He has an excellent squad but the results have not been consistent. of the worst things that can happen to a club, it has been very bad, and all three knew Madrid but things happen. “Guardiola:” Surely he is judged different by his political ideas. consider traitor, but has all the respect. “End of Cup:” A flourishing team like Valencia against a team that has been able to decline because of Liverpool, and that has many casualties, but has the factor of Messi, which is extraordinary ” .Selection: “I think we are in good hands, we have a team, good players and we have the possibility of reaching the end.” Champions: “A priori Liverpool seems better than Tottenham, they have spoken to me very well about Pochettino, is a technician who is demonstrating his potential as a trainer. “Mediator:” Tebas and Rubiales should occasionally listen and accept the other’s opinion. If they ask me to mediate in the conflict between LaLiga and the RFEF, I would try. “PSG:” I would sign Mbappé because he seems a bit more sensible … Neymar even imitated the children throwing themselves. “VAR:” I’m very traditional, I think that the VAR has improved the justice of the soccer although I understand that there are people desazonada “.


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