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Cody Rhodes comments on AEW songs in WWE Hell in a Cell

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Latest WWE News  – After the main event of WWE Hell in a Cell there were several songs where AEW was one of them and Cody Rhodes comments on what happened

Cody Rhodes was one of the guests of the Joe Cronin show. During the interview, Cody was asked about the ‘AEW’ chants that occurred after the end of the fight between Seth Rollins against “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt in the infernal cell at the WWE Hell in a Cell PPV last Sunday.

The fans sang ‘AEW’, as well as ‘we want refunds’ and more songs against WWE at the end of the fight that ended in disqualification when Seth Rollins used a mallet against “The Fiend”, something that the public did not like and that caused WWE to find . Cody, regarding the part of the songs of AEW, commented the following:

“When the songs began to ring, I was not seeing the PPV, and that was when my phone did not stop ringing with calls and messages. They kept getting a multitude of messages to my social networks,” said Cody. “Every time fans sing something, be it ‘boring’, the name of any promotion or your own name, it means they want to be rewarded with something. That’s something like when you’re in the ring fighting and this happens, then we know what we have to do to reward them. ”

“So it was, it was flattering. I am not a person who takes advantage of the situation, because I know that one of the fighters of that combat was moved. I know that this work is not so easy, but nevertheless, every time we hear those types of songs, is more a validation of what we are doing and what we have been saying about our existing product. It becomes something real. “


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