Brazil brings the Cup back home

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 Latest Football News – At home, Brazil took the ninth title in their history by defeating Peru in the final (3-1). At the break thanks to Everton (15th) and Gabriel Jesus (45th), the men of Tite have definitively sheltered at the end of the game thanks to a penalty from Richarlison (90th). It’s the first Brazilian crown since 2007.

Brazil did not miss its Copa America. Twelve years after her last coronation, the Seleção held her home stand against Peru, the surprise guest of the final. Carried by the revelation Everton and Gabriel Jesus, smuggler and scorer before being expelled, Brazil won the ninth Copa America in its history (3-1). The Peruvians, very well entered the match, have believed after the equalizer signed Paolo Guerrero. But they could not cope with the technical ease of the men of Titus, yet deprived of Neymar, present in the stands of Maracana.

At least Peru did not receive a slap. Corrected by Brazil in the group stage (0-5), the outsider of this final Copa America has doubted Brazil. Sometimes easy and a little too much on the back, Thiago Silva and his teammates have passed their supporters by all states. Despite the sluggish onslaught of his team, Everton, future favorite of the Seleção, has perfectly resumed a center worked well by Gabriel Jesus for the opening of the score far from deserved (1-0, 15th).

Stunned by this goal when they had taken the meeting by the right end, the Peruvians quickly showed a resigned face. Until Thiago Silva commits the irreparable by touching the ball of the arm on a tackle in its surface. Paolo Guerrero did not hesitate to take Alisson off the penalty spot, honoring his 100th selection in the best manner (44th). But, unfortunately for Peru, Gabriel Jesus had a fire in the legs this Sunday night. After his offering for Everton, the striker made his silky touch speak with an unstoppable strike (2-1, 45 + 3). Just before the break, at the best of times.

Everton, the revelation

After the break, it was first a lack of success that hit Brazil, like Philippe Coutinho (51st, 54th) and Roberto Firmino (54th, 57th), both unable to fit. Then, it is a fact of play that nearly failed to tip the game: the expulsion of Gabriel Jesus, who received a second yellow card after a limit contact (70th). At 10 against 11, the Brazilians were able to count on a crucial parade of Alisson (73) to retain their lead. They were then permanently safe thanks to a raid by Everton, who offered a penalty converted by Richarlison (90).

Peru did not take advantage of the rare situations that were favorable in a match where Brazil, far from having delivered his best face, was anyway stronger. La Seleção, who had thrown Lionel Messi out of Argentina in the semi-finals, ended his scare in Copa America, a competition she has always won at home.


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