Bray Wyatt could have suffered a concussion in WWE Hell in a Cell

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Image – WWE

Latest WWE News  – Cody Rhodes hinted that Bray Wyatt suffered a concussion in Hell in a Cell

Bray Wyatt made his appearance last Monday after Monday Night Raw recordings to attack Cesaro in a segment that was not broadcast on television. Some media pointed out that the fighter suffered some kind of injury in Hell in a Cell. Also Sasha Banks during his fight inside the infernal cell before Becky Lynch.

Cody Rhodes was interviewed the following day and talked about the public’s AEW chants at the Hell in a Cell event, but there was a detail that was overlooked. When he referred to this matter, he commented that one of the two fighters was “shocked.” Apparently, Cody was referring to Bray Wyatt, who allegedly suffered a concussion during his fight against Seth Rollins.

“When the songs began to ring, I was not seeing the PPV, and that was when my phone did not stop ringing with calls and messages. They kept getting a multitude of messages to my social networks,” said Cody. “Every time fans sing something, be it ‘boring’, the name of any promotion or your own name, it means they want to be rewarded with something. That’s something like when you’re in the ring fighting and this happens, then we know what we have to do to reward them. I am not a person who takes advantage of the situation, because I know that one of the fighters in that fight was shocked. ”

The fact that Wyatt was used after the issuance of Raw could indicate that the fighter dragged some kind of physical problem, although it could also detract from the matter. A character like Bray Wyatt has the advantage of appearing on the screen and not having to make great physical efforts, which could benefit from a recovery from this type of injury.