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Big E, on Kofi Kingston: “We are very proud of what he has achieved”

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Latest WWE News  – The member of The New Day Big E gave an interview to Busted Open Radio in which, among other topics, he treated with great humor his admiration for the beauty of Becky Lynch’s mother and her knee injury, which currently keeps her away from the quadrilaterals. Below, his most outstanding statements:

About why he has been posting on social networks about Becky Lynch’s mother:

«Let’s talk clearly … if you put your eyes on that woman and you do not realize the beauty that radiates from the screen of your mobile phone, it’s not me who has a problem; it’s you. I do not see what’s wrong with wanting Mama Lynch to review what I post on Twitter every day. It’s something new, exciting, the truth. We have been exchanging tweets and, of course, Becky approves that we speak in such a public way and the possibility that we end up together. He has even made reference to the fact that I can become his new stepfather; I would not mind, because Becky is an adult and independent woman, so I would not have any expense on my part. Your mother and I already agreed earlier and believe me, it was a much shorter meeting than I would have liked. Someday, I can court her in an appropriate way; at the moment, I do not know what he likes or does not know, I do not know his needs … but I assure you that I am willing to find out everything ».

About his recovery:

“They had to repair my meniscus, so I think I’ll be back by 2021 or so. I think that a year and a half to recover from something like that is more than enough, you do not have to run with these things. Maybe I can extend it until 2022 and take some time off … I may have a hydraulic knee implanted, this is my fourth knee surgery, or get me to invent a bionic gadget. Yes, that’s the plan. ”

On the victory of Kofi Kingston at WrestleMania:

“Of course, it was something incredible, something I will remember for a long time. It’s very interesting because I was at ringside when Dolph Ziggler traded his briefcase after WresleMania 29, on that memorable night … and I’ve also been at ringside when Kofi has won his first World Championship, so I can consider myself a kind of amulet . I do not intervene in the fighting; I did not do anything against Del Rio and I did not do anything against Bryan, I was just there, present. We are very, very proud of Kofi’s achievement and everything he has done so, of course, it is something I will never forget, one of the great moments of my career ».


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