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Among the greatest footballers in the world and Brazil’s forward Pelé told whom he or she would choose from in Messi or Ronaldo

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Among the greatest footballers in the world and Brazil’s former forward Pelé appeared in the worldsportbox Leadership Summit 2018. Former India captain Baichung Bhutia took his interview, and during this period, Pelé talked a lot about football. Apart from this, Pelé also told that if he gets a chance to choose his team, who will he choose from Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

Pelé, who has been a three-time FIFA World Cup champion, said, “If I get the chance to choose my team, then I will pick Messi in my team instead of Ronaldo.” During this, Pelé said that he got inspiration to play football with his father. According to Pelé, 77, “My father was a good center forward player. They taught me to play He used to tell me to score three times more than myself. They inspired me to play. ‘

Pelé first came to India in 1977, at that time he was also part of the Brazilian football team. During this, Pelé also spoke about his favorite footballers. Garrincha, D.D. and Falco are their favorite footballers.

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