AEW Dynamite will broadcast simultaneously tonight on TNT and TruTV

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Image – AEW

Latest WWE News  – The broadcasts of baseball play-off matches force Dynamite’s simultaneous broadcast on two television networks

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) will host its second episode of its weekly show, Dynamite, tonight, live from Agganis Arena in Boston, MA. The company has officially announced that tonight’s show will begin as planned on TNT, but its broadcast could be modified due to the broadcast of Major League Baseball (MLB) Play-off matches.

TBS (Turner Broadcast System) is the channel that broadcasts the MLB and will broadcast today’s games, the first among St. Louis Cardinals vs.. Atlanta Braves at 5:02 PM (ET Schedule) and the second among the Washington Nationals vs. Los Angeles Dodgers at 8:37 PM. In the event that the first game extends too long and exceeds 8:37, the broadcast of the duel between Washington and Los Angeles will pass to TNT (also owned by Warner Media), affecting the Dynamite broadcast schedule (starts 8:00 PM)

AEW has made official the measures they will take to prevent the situation. Dynamite will begin at its scheduled time at 8:00 PM on TNT, but at the same time it will be broadcast on TruTV (a channel that also belongs to the same owners as TNT and TBS). In the event that the match is extended and will be broadcast on TNT, Dynamite will stop broadcasting on TNT and will continue completely on TruTV. Nothing more than the first game ends, everything will return to the usual schedule.

This detail does not affect Dynamite’s international fans, who will be able to follow it through their subscription to AEW PLUS on FITE TV. However, it will affect other data such as hearings as the broadcast is distributed in two chains. Even so, TNT will re-broadcast the Dynamite episode at 10:00 PM on TNT as planned.