A new partner has been

A new partner has been added to the Indian team, which will prove to be very beneficial for everyone.

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Indian cricket team is preparing for the second and final Test match against the West Indies in Hyderabad. India won the first test match in Rajkot with an innings and 272 runs and took the lead 1-0 in the series. Now before the second Test, a new partner has joined the Indian team, which will prove to be beneficial for everyone.

In fact, on Wednesday, the BCCI tweeted and informed that he has included a new member in the Indian team. BCCI shared a video in this tweet, in which Indian players are practicing with fielding and caching machine. This tweet has been written, ‘Meet Team India’s new team-mate (partner)’. New fielding assistant of Indian team Let’s know more about this latest gadget. ‘This is a link to a video in which Indian fielding coaches explain this machine in a broader way.

India’s Fielding Coach S Sridhar said that this new machine is very helpful in the field of caching and fielding practice. He told that it was included four months ago, during the Test played against Afghanistan. Catching machine helps players improve reflexes and reactions. Shridhar told that things like speed, swing, ball speed can also be changed according to their own.

Significantly enough questions were raised about the fielding of the Indian team on the England tour. Given this, the Indian team is paying more attention to fielding and especially caching. It is worth noting that the practice of caching machine can prove to be helpful for the upcoming Australia tour, where the pitch is quite fast. The second Test of India-West Indies will start on Friday, October 12 at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in Hyderabad.

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